Getting RTSP Streams From the YouTube API Without Redirects

So if you want RTSP streams from the YouTube API you probably looked at our documentation for the format parameter and made a request like


or even,6

But you may have noticed you get a lot of redirects, which may upset your RTSP player. What you should be doing is requesting the mobile projection. So your request should look like


kusu said...

Can anyone tell me what is Google RTSP variant ? What are its applications ?

dominity said...

Hi. I've got question regarding youtube rtsp protocol and this post.

I'm using Java Client lib for Youtube API. I'm able to retrieve rtsp urls for certain video. But I can't play this video using QuickTime, WinAMP, Windows Media or VLC player. Nither using general url nor mobile url.

What's wrong with it?
Here is samples of rtsp stream url:
or for mobile
Both those streams have you tube format '1'.
Here is link to media:

I'm retrieving those locations from YouTubeMediaContent instance.
Could you explain me how should I handle that?

Also, there is no possibility to pass new post into you tube group. COuld anybody fix it?

Best regards, Alexander.

Muhammad Adil said...

did you get RTSP link for youtube video in HTML if yes kindly email me on

kosovohp said...

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me said...

I've just read a tutorial about gdata here.
But just wondering how to get high-quality video? RTSP video seem too bad quality :(